What is Tushride?

Tushride offers a web-based automobile marketplace, designed for users to buy and sell their cars, trucks, vans, bikes, and other vehicles. TushRide.Com is owned and operated by Ridosphere Limited.

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How to sell your car on Tushride

Selling your car on Tushride.com is easy and swift. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on SELL to post an ad.
  2. Complete all the information about your item such as car details, Car Features, upload photos, add videos, say something about the car, and set your asking price.
  3. After filling out the required fields, click on “Submit Listing” button.
  4. Once you post your ad, you will be immediately redirected to our registration page (if you are not a registered user). You will have to fill out all the required fields and click on ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Your advert will be published shortly once moderation process is completed.
  6. Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email.
  7. It’s that swift, and your car is up for sale.

How to buy a car on Tushride

Buying a car on Tushride.com is simple and you are the boss. Follow the following steps:

  1. Visit Tushride.com
  2. Select make, model, year and maximum price.
  3. Click on “SEARCH”.
  4. Select and view vehicle pictures, details, features and review seller note.
  5. Contact seller and negotiate like a Pro.

Basic questions to ask when negotiating with a private seller

  1. Why are you selling the car?
  2. How many miles are on it?
  3. Have them describe the condition of the interior, the seats, the paint, tires and ask if the A/C runs cold.
  4. Are there any other known issues or needed repairs that you should know about?

How to close the Deal

Now that your price negotiating is complete, it is time finalize the transaction.

  1. You should never pay cash because if something goes wrong you may have trouble getting your money back. Besides, carrying around large sums of cash is dangerous.
  2. You should pay with a credit card
  3. Never go for inspection alone. Go with a friend and trusted mechanic
  4. Ensure the point of meeting is an open space

What to look out for when test driving

  1. Listen for noises, rattles or grinding sounds. If you hear rattling in the quarter panels, the car may have been in a wreck.
  2. See if the car shifts smoothly.
  3. Check the heater and the A/C.
  4. Listen for grinding noises when the A/C kicks in which can mean the bearings in the compressor are worn.
  5. Check the dashboard for strange light
  6. Drive with the radio on and off.
  7. Test the speakers to see if they are cracked.
  8. Make sure the CD player works.
  9. Take the car on a highway, main streets, and side streets, see if the car loses alignment, or bears to the left or right.
  10. See how the brakes are.
  11. Make sure all the seat belts work, that power seats work.
  12. Look for missing or burned out bulbs inside and out.

Check all the Faults

  1. Check under the hood to see how clean the engine is.
  2. Check the transmission fluid and make sure it’s not black.
  3. Check the air pressure in the tires and check for uneven wear on the tread.
  4. Ask the seller when the tires were last replaced.
  5. Ask question about the car’s past. At this point
  6. Hinges like high mileage, bad tires, cracked dash, faded paint, rust, seat stains, missing mats and torn ceiling will greatly reduce the value of the car. You must use that to your advantage in negotiating (used) car prices down.

Other Safety Tips

  1. Meet Sellers in Person

Check out item’s quality and make sure it  meets your expectations before you make payment

  1. Prepayments are strictly prohibited on Tushride

Buyers – never pay before purchase. You can discuss the cost of delivery, but you can pay for the product only after delivery is done

Sellers – don’t ask for any prepayment before delivery

  1. Vehicle Inspection

Do not go to the remote or unfamiliar places for inspection. Also, check the vehicle documents to verify compliance with the law, and that the seller has the right (title) to sell.

  1. Use Common Sense

Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money

  1. Never give out your financial information

Including bank account details, including BVN, card details, passwords, and any other information that could be misused.

  1. Fake fee Requests

Avoid anyone who ask for extra fees to buy or sell an item or services. Tushride.com never requests payment for its basic services and does not allow items that are not located in Nigeria, so import and breakage fees should never be required

  1. Request to use money transfer services

Certain money transfer services are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams are run through them, avoid such requests. Shine your eyes.

What information does Tushride gather?

We may collect your name, address, email address, zip code, telephone number, information about your vehicles, and other information that you may provide to us. We use cookies and automatically collect information that your browser and device may provide to us, including geolocation information. We also collect and receive information from third parties, including social media networks, and combine that information with information that you provide to us. For more information, please click here

How does Tushride use information about me?

We use information about you to operate our business, including our Sites, and for other activities and purposes. For example, we may use the information we gather to provide services or features that you request, and to provide offers, advertising and promotions to you. For more information about how we use information about you, please click here

When does Tushride share information?

We may share the information that we gather with our corporate affiliates, service providers, automobile dealers, automobile manufacturers, and others. For more information on how we share information, please click here

What choices do I have regarding my information?

You have certain choices with respect to the information you share with us. You can control certain email communications, access and update your account information, and restrict the use of cookies and other similar technologies. For more information on your choices and access to information about you, please click here.